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What types of structures are you looking for?

Most of the structures that we reclaim were constructed in the 1700s through the early-1900s. Bank barns, typically built for agricultural use, are a common type of structure that we dismantle and reclaim. Other types of structures include old mills, log houses and barns, tractor sheds, frame and plank houses, old churches, and larger outbuildings such as detached summer kitchens, corncribs etc.

What is my structure worth?

Species of wood, size of structure and timbers, and overall condition are the major factors that help us determine the value of a building. Every structure is different, thus each must be viewed and inspected by us before a price can be given. Some structures, depending on species, size and condition may not possess enough value in the wood for us to be able to offer any money upfront, or, in the worst case, the owner may have to pay out of pocket to have the  building dismantled.

What species of wood are worth the most?

Generally speaking, hardwoods such as oak, chestnut, hickory, maple, and walnut, among others, are valued higher than softwoods. However we can use some softwoods such as pine and hemlock as well, especially if your structure has large timbers and dimensional lumber with minimal insect damage and/or rot. The ideal structure will have large hardwood frame members with unpainted exterior boards and flooring in softwood or hardwood.

Do you give free estimates / consultations?

Absolutely. Every estimate or consultation we give is without obligation and comes at no cost to you whether or not we ” strike a deal “. We give you an honest, upfront assessment of your structure after we take detailed measurements and photos of the project.

How far will you travel to dismantle a structure?

Most of our reclaimed projects are within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, however we look at projects in a multi-state area including Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, New York and more. If you are out of state and have a structure that you would like us to evaluate, it is very helpful to have photos and information emailed to us before we travel to your site. Many times we are able to decide whether or not your project falls within our basic criteria by the photos and information you provide before we visit your site.

Does your company buy reclaimed wood from buildings already dismantled?

Yes, we buy lots of reclaimed lumber from homeowners and contractors alike. Generally, we prefer larger quantities (500- 1,000 bf) over small lots of miscellaneous materials. Contact us with as much information as possible regarding your materials or arrange to have us view your materials in person.

Do you perform repairs on old structures?

As a company, we are looking for reclaimed materials to provide to our buyers. If your repair project includes acquisition of flooring, siding or timbers, chances are we can assist you. If your repairs include re-roofing, additions, or foundation work, where little or no reclaimed materials can be gleaned, it is likely not of interest to us. However we are always happy to provide contact information for reputable and capable contractors that can assist you with preserving or expanding your structure.

What do you do with the materials reclaimed from old structures?

We wholesale large volumes of reclaimed materials to buyers who then “up cycle” the material into many different types of projects including restorations, reclaimed flooring, furniture, timber frames, crafts and much more.

Can you provide references?

Yes, upon request we can provide you with references from individuals and contractors with whom we have done business. Many times, our clients recommend us to friends and neighbors simply because we have met or exceeded their expectations. A large portion of our projects are from clients who have heard of us by “word of mouth”. We believe that speaks for itself!

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