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What do we do here at CountryWide Reclaimed?

We are in the business of acquiring old structures, including bank barns, mills, log structures, larger outbuildings such as summer kitchens, and old church buildings, dismantling them, and then restoring the building site to its original condition. Our combined 40 years experience in the industry and attention to safe procedures insures a predictable and beneficial process and transaction for our customers.

We are a full-service company whose core business is supplying reclaimed wood to clients throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the USA. In addition to our dismantling services, we have the equipment and knowledge necessary to return the building site to its original condition, thus complying with esthetic concerns of the local authorities and community.


What is the process?

Initial Contact

In some cases, it may be possible for us to offer a price for your barn at the site visit. However, normally, we will need a few days to accurately evaluate the timber and materials and furnish you with the best price. We offer fair and competitive pricing, paying what the structure is worth.

In addition to offering a price for the structure, our contract will also delineate the steps of the process, who is responsible for what, details regarding the cleanup and site restoration, and any other conditions that either party considers important to document.

Once the contract is signed, we normally provide a 50% down payment and confirm our schedule for the dismantling. Scheduling details will usually be part of the contract. A typical 40’ by 60’ barn dismantling may require up to 30 days on the job site. Upon completion of the dismantling/site restoration, we provide the balance of the payment.


Proposed Contract

Upon your contacting us, we will discuss the barn/building in question and your expectations regarding its sale and dismantling. It is always helpful to have information on the building (size of structure, size of timbers, types of wood, etc.) to help us make an initial evaluation your structure. Photos can be especially helpful in the early stages of contact.

Based on our discussion, if we believe that your structure is a building that meets our basic criteria, we will then schedule an on-site visit. During the visit (typically an hour in length) we will perform a take down on the structure, noting the measure of the timbers and type of wood, overall quality of the structure and timbers, ease of access, etc.

As a general rule, the ideal barn has at least 40’ timbers measuring 12” by 12” and constructed in the time-frame of 1700 – 1900. however, each building features its own unique characteristics, and it is well-worth contacting us even if your structure does meet these criteria.

 Dismantling Process

A typical dismantling process consists of the following.

Staging and Access


Staging and access: In consultation with the owner we will need to identify a staging area for our equipment and a site for temporary material storage. We will also need to clearly identify our means of access to the site and how we will work with the owner’s regular site access and comings and goings.



Moving In


Move in with equipment and workers and set up the stage to begin the dismantling process, safely and efficiently.




Dismantling from the top down:  Throughout the process, our concern is to maintain the integrity of the building materials. This gives you top value for your barn. Just as the barn was built timber by timber, we will dismantle the structure in a similar manner. Again, the overall concern is to maintain the structural integrity of the timbers. We have the equipment and tools to facilitate an efficient and safe dismantling process.



Moving Out


We typically will use a semi and trailer to remove the timbers and lumber from the site.


Our contract will clearly state our responsibilities in regards to the foundation and its removal; it will also specify the expectations of the owner in regards to the restoration of the site, to its original condition. We are equipped to professionally restore the site to your specifications.


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